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Teaching Tips provides the very latest trends, tools and techniques for teachers of all disciplines. Check out these tips that other teachers are finding useful.

How e-mail can enhance class participation. To get the discussion started about any subject, topic, or assignment, ask students to generate comments or questions for discussion via email. Electronic conversations require critical thinking, encourage collaboration, and increase student participation.

Participation Every day after class, take a moment to and give yourself a grade for participation. Ask yourself: How open are you with your students? Do you let students know you appreciate their participation? How do you encourage them to get involved? Remember this tip: Student participation depends on teacher participation.

Effective Time Management when Mentoring.

If you are mentoring a student, help your mentee establish realistic long and short-term goals. Encourage the mentee to avoid over-preparing for class and to include time for study. Advise your mentee when, and how to say no to whom. As a mentor, remember to never make a commitment on the spot, but instead give yourself a day to consider requests that involve substantial time commitments.

How to Keep a Student’s Attention?

It is important to vary your daily presentation to students. One-way communication will only hold your audience's attention for about 20 minutes. That is why you must vary what you do and how you talk, listen, use materials, and move about in the, etc. and what your students are asked to do (talk, listen, move about, use materials, etc.).

How to Use the Last Five Minutes of a Lesson Effectively. It is to your advantage to use this time to ask students to tell you what they learned as a result of the day’s lesson. A large chart in front of the room can help you jot down and poll students' responses so that everyone benefits. Students can copy what you write on the chart during free time or while you are recording the responses. By all means as a reminder, leave the chart up for the remainder of the day, or make it accessible somewhere in the classroom for students to view. You can then save it and refer to it later during a review.

Redirect Questions

When one of your students asks a question, first look to the rest of the class to respond. This technique will produce better interactions among students. Misconceptions in students' thinking can also be addressed at this time.

Mobile Phone to Teach English

Today’s mobile devices allow teachers and students to interact seamlessly with each other, formally and for informal learning and practice. The teacher asks students to create a personal visual story about their daily routine using a series of snapshots of moments in their day then asks them to describe the actions to the teacher.

One-way Teaching Technology

Tools such as tablets, videos and 3-D printing can make otherwise flat lessons come to life. Figure out interesting ways to incorporate technology into your lesson plans.

There is no shortage of cool tech tools to help teachers engage students. Here are three tech trends teachers can try in 2014.