Villento casino review : scam or opportunity?

Villento casino review : scam or opportunity?

Villento Casino sends casino spam by post

Spam from online casinos in your mailbox is already annoying. Spam from online casinos in your mailbox is even more annoying. Unfortunately, last week several people received unsolicited and unwanted advertising from Villento Casino in their mailboxes.

That is very annoying of course. Receiving unwanted advertising is already annoying, but it gets even more annoying when it comes from an online casino. In this case, Villento Casino is the culprit. For us this is a reason not to play at Villento Casino. When casinos deal with privacy-sensitive information in this way, we prefer to stay away from it.


The letter from Villento Casino

The letter from Villento mentions that you have won a $5 gift voucher. The big question then is which lottery or competition you participated in. In order to win, you must have participated in something. You have to be in, to win, as the Americans so beautifully say.


We have heard from several recipients of the letter that they are certain that they have never entered a Villento or Casino Rewards contest or lottery. The operator is also active with casino hoaxes. Earlier we wrote about hoaxing of Zodiac Casino and Captain Cook Casino. Advertising for these hoax stories could be found on amongst others Facebook and the website of the Telegraaf.


The letter also contains a gift certificate with a code on it. You need to activate this code to receive $5 free play money. Our advice is not to do this for the following reasons:


  • Casino Villento apparently misuses your address details for sending spam.
  • Villento’s license has been issued in the Indian reserve Kahnawake and therefore offers insufficient protection for players playing from Europe.
  • This online casino is known for its slow payout of prize money.

Do you still want to play with a casino bonus without a deposit? You can. Luckily there are also reliable online casinos where you can play for real money with €5 free bonus money. One example is Casino 777. At this online casino with Belgian license you now get € 5 free play money. This can be up to a maximum of €100 free play money.

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