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Alternative educational programs are growing exponentially across North America inside and outside of the public system.

No integrated national system of education exists in Canada. There is no federal department of education.

Here you can find new research, knowledge, innovation concerning the changes in education worldwide. Sur goal is to help educators teach and enable students to discover their passions and interests and achieve success in their learning environments.

The IEACC offers Canadian educators science, news and solutions to integrate skills into core alternative instruction, with an understanding of the history and Views on Education in Canada.

Some teaching techniques work better than others depending on each student’s learning style. Learning Styles is a refresher about the fact that individuals use a mix of different learning styles.

Understanding different teaching approaches and having a toolbox filled with various Teaching Tips and ways to present content to students, is valuable for increasing the accessibility of learning experiences for all students.

The IEACC believes that technology should improve education. Our website also offers a section called Tech Tools that reviews technology and software specifically for teachers and students to help them excel.

News about education is unfolding rapidly, so we will offer the highlights, along with an IEACC Community page.